Unplug redesign

Redesigning Unplug, an app that helps people meditate and relieve anxiety and stress.

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UX/UI Designer
Cansu Bilgir
App redesign

What is Unplug

Unplug is a meditation app that offers in-person, livestream & on-demand meditation classes to feel relaxed, sleep better and thrive.

The problem

The app presented hierarchy, architecture and layout problems. Furthermore, the UI looked a bit off compared to their main competitors (Calm, Headspace, Ednel, Meditopia, Balance, …). 

Project limitations

We had to focus mainly on UI, but due to several problems in the architecture we had to review some flows, so the UX was also changed.

Roles and responsibilities

This project was done as part of the final project at the Memorisely UI bootcamp. Me and Cansu worked together in the audit, the navigation, the screens and the system. Also, David Gimenez helped us with the ideation of the project and some components.

The process

The process has been different to other projects I have worked on as it was a redesign and not starting from scratch.

1. Design Audit
2. Navigation redesign
3. System
4. UI

1. Design audit

First of all we assessed the current flows and the screens of the app, to check how it was built and understand their app better.

Then we performed a design critique to identify issues and we made comments on future improvements.

Moreover we did a benchmark to understand more about the solution of the competitors, best practices and review their branding.

Design audit of the screens

2. Navigation & Redesign

When analyzing the issues, we identified that there was a navigation concept that made no sense and affected the UI. The concept of “course” was not clear. We decided to adjust the UX a bit in order to make improvements.

Other change was adding filters, as they were filtering the different videos with a segmented control component and it looked confusing. 

With all the information we created the wireframes.

Some wireframes of the Unplug app

3. System

We created a moodboard and defined the style we wanted to pursue with the app. Then we created the type system, grid system and the color palette that was going to be used.


Headings typography textBody typography textButtons typography text

Color palette

Color palette

4. UI

With the system, we started by creating the components that were going to be used several times as the chips, buttons and cards.

Then we went with other elements as text input fields, special buttons, lists, radio buttons and checkboxes, ...

Finally we went with the details as the blurs, shadows and effects as glassmorphism.

Unplug app redesign screens


It was the first project which I redesigned an already existing product. Even though it was different, the same design thinking process was approached and I enjoyed a lot working together with Cansu on Unplug.

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